Kinetico Spares

The Kinetico Service Pack, quality quad seal kit – save money on parts.

Kinetico spares can only be purchased through a registered Kinetico dealer. This does represent a problem inasmuch that sometimes you are at the mercy of your local supplier. Kinetico have a policy of trying to keep everything “in-house”, where they are able to try and fix the market prices in not only spares but servicing as well.

We have solved that problem, we can supply the individual seals in addition to the standard spares that Kinetico supply.

The niggling thing for many people is that the servicing costs are extremely high and often unnecessary; sometimes these highly robust units need no servicing for many years. (one of the reasons I created the DVD service guide).

In order to provide you with a solution to a faulty Domestic Kinetico often there is a simple solution to the few faults that can develop. These main faults come down to worn internal seals almost 99% of the time.

control valve quad ring
Kinetico Control Valve

These include the control valve quad ring. Quad ring is shown bottom of this control valve, the light grey band.

kinetico drain and purge valve
Kinetico drain and purge valve

The drain and purge valves which can cause numerous problems are particularly problematic in very old Kinetico water softeners, and these are again items that need to be replaced.

Again these are special quad rings or X rings as some people prefer to call them. The next important seals to look at are the ones that make up the inlet and outlet valves.

These quad seal are important to ensure the correct operation of the Kinetico softener and they consist of eight seals.

kinetico piston and seat seals
Kinetico piston and seat seal

There are 4 quad seals to this set. All four need to be replaced. Where the piston fits through the body of its level within the softener there are another four quad seals that need to be looked at.

These are located within the level itself and seal water and prevent it passing through the aperture where the shaft goes through. The seals are not visible when the pistons are in place.

kinetico piston valves and level
Kinetico piston valves and level 4

These failing of these quad seals is generally quite low but if you consider that most Kinetico softeners are ultra reliable for many years it is not unrealistic to expect a failure now and again.

As a matter of fact, we tend to replace these seals as a matter of course when stripping a Kinetico softer down but we know at times it is unnecessary.

Kinetico as a company do not advocate the DIY approach to Kinetico water softener repairs, but it is now like most things in manufacturing they try to make it as difficult as possible for people to save money.

Fortunately we are now able to provide you with a full service pack for the most problematic seals. All our seals are of the highest quality and will provide your Kinetico softer with a long life of serviceability.

Our videos will help you completely refurbish your Kinetico water softener; you will be able to replace all the seals with our new seal kit and generally look after your softener for many years to come.

The kit comprises:

Quantity 1  Control Valve Quad  Ring Seal

Quantity 2  Drain Valve Quad Ring Seals

Quantity 2  Drain Valve Piston Quad Ring Seals

Quantity 2 Drain Valve Internal Piston Quad Ring Seals

Quantiy 2 Outlet Valve Piston Quad Ring Seals

Quantity 2 Outlet Valve Internal Piston Quad Ring Seals

These 11 seals come as a complete set. They are of the highest quality and are manufactured to the highest standard. They are genuine Quad rings or X rings as some prefer to call them. Material nitrile.

Bargain Pack – Complete Seal Service Kit

Kinetico Water Softener Service Pack

Kinetico DVD Service & Repair Guide – Follow the DVD video Tutorials and fit your own seals. 





Please allow 21 days for deliver, but usually will be quicker than this.