About Us

About Us

I’m a “Real Person” there is a “Real Person” talking to you today!

” I love Kinetico Water Softeners” Ok, a little sad, but they really are “Fabulous Machines” when they are in tip top order.

Here is a picture of me on a good day…

…I can assure you not a pretty sight on a bad day, or the morning after a night out down the local bar…

My name is Mike,

I live in the United Kingdom.

Just 70 miles West from London in a town called Swindon.

I have been involved in the Plumbing Industry since 1982, having worked as a Central Heating Engineer, Plumbing Contractor, Repairer and Electrical Contracting Engineer for all those years.

I loved the water industry so much that I worked to providing solution for very specific things. One of those things was to find a way to repair Kinetico Water Softeners at little cost. I have installed hundreds of them, repaired hundreds and am now supplying hundreds of people who wish to fix their own machines.

This site is dedicate to all my friends Worldwide, especially in the United States; the people who in my opinion are one of the most “Hands On” repair nations in the world. You Americans have a knack of figuring things out, and I take my hat off to you all. I often think that manufacturers should allow people access to items for home repair especially those who are perfectly capable.

Kinetico unfortunately do not help people in this way.

I spent a very long time trying to find a company that would manufacture parts that would service a Kinetico machine. This took me a long time as the cost was quite prohibitive initially. Finally I came up with a super repair kit; a fabulous money saving pack for all my customers.

I could make a little money for myself by supplying these items, but importantly, help hundreds if not thousand of people like you worldwide to repair their own Kinetico machines.

Kinetico perhaps would be upset if they found out that I am selling these parts, but I like to think that I may be helping them in some way by recognising the brilliance of their machines, and by providing a cheaper solution that would enable broken or discarded machines to carry on for many years to come.

When I hear stories of Kinetico wanting upwards of $400 for simple repairs, this often leads to their own customers abandoning the appliance. This then leads to an unhappy customer and one that will leave Kinetico to another brand.

Today I look at improving the quality of water we drink and wash in, and consider good quality water an absolute basic requirement not a luxury.

I say again, I was amazed how Kinetico were able to offer very little in the way of help for people who wished to do their own repairs. There was nothing available, nor easy access to spares and items that would “Easy Fix” common faults.

So, the key to all this is the Quad ring and “O” ring packs. Not an ordinary ring as you can see.

I sat and filmed myself doing a complete rebuild to a Kinetico using all the parts I supply. I provide the full video to all buyers of the Rebuild Kit too, it does not get any easier than that.

I’m a very honest and helpful seller; all buyers can email me at any time and I will help you all I can. I can guide you all to a happy rebuild and a long life to your Kinetico machine.

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This site is LIVE – I am shipping daily – I will be here to help you.

Shipping worldwide.

Our office and base is in Swindon in the United Kingdom.

You can contact me for advise and more details if you wish.

Chevalier, Middleleaze, Swindon UK SN55TS

Tel: 44+01793874240 – Mobile 07775558759 – Mobile – 07881625800 – EMail – [email protected]