Non Electric – Demand Operated Kinetico Valve

More than 30 years of ingenuity are behind the valve that operates the Kinetico 2020c.The valve uses the energy of moving water, not electricity, so there’s nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset, adjustments to make and no increase in your electricity bill. Without having to depend on electricity, your system is remarkably reliable. Untitle

The Kinetico valve measures the amount of water that you use and determines when to initiate  regeneration. Since it regenerates only on demand, it won’t waste water or salt. Other systems must be programmed to regenerate at a preset time – usually during the night.

So, if you use more soft water than usual during the day, you may end up with hard water. And if you use less water than usual, you’ll be wasting salt and water with unnecessary regenerations. But thanks to Kinetico’s metering system, the Kinetico 2020c only regenerates when necessary – at any time of the day.

The twin cylinders (fig. 2) in the Kinetico system ensure you’ll have a continuous supply of soft water, even during regeneration.  When one cylinder needs to regenerate, service automatically switches to the other cylinder.

Twin softening cylinders also enable the system to clean itself with clean, soft water. Other water softening systems operate with hard water and use hard water to regenerate.  The resin used in the Kinetico 2020c works extremely well in this compact system. The smaller size creates more surface area, allowing for more efficient operation.

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