Use Less Chemicals

You may even find you can use as little as a quarter of the amount you were using before. Hardness minerals in water interfere with soap’s cleaning ability. Once they are removed, soap can do its job better.

Even though you’ll use less soap, you’ll get more suds and cleaner results. It’s especially important to reduce the amount of washing detergent you use. Washing clothes in soft water not only means you’ll need less powder to get your clothes clean, but also that
the powder you do use will rinse out completely.

Washing in soft water makes your clothes look whiter and brighter, and they’ll last longer as well. Again, Kinetico recommends that you use clear, liquid soaps, without dyes or perfumes.

After bathing in soft water, your skin should feel “silky.” It’s not soap left on your skin. What you’re feeling is your own smooth skin without any leftover soap curd or residue. When you bathed in hard water, you were never able to rinse this residue off completely. The soap curd that left a ring in your bathtub was also left on your skin.

But now that you have soft water, you’ll feel soft, smooth and clean. The same is true for rinsing shampoo out of your hair.

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